List of LJSRA Boys Squash County Champions

  Under 19 Under 16 Under 14 Under 12 Under 10
1979 Ian Wilcock Simon Taylor Peter Marshall Ashley Fry  
1980 Simon Taylor Peter Marshall Damian Walker Matthew Machlachlan  
1981 Simon Taylor Damian Walker Ashley Fry Matthew Machlachlan  
1982 Simon Taylor Damian Walker Lee Rushbrook Jamie Lewis  
1983 Damian Walker Ashley Fry Nick Kershaw Adrian Kershaw  
1984 Damian Walker Peter Marshall Jamie Lewis Andrew Martin  
1985 Damian Walker Nick Kershaw Adrian Kershaw Philip Hines  
1986 Peter Marshall Jamie Lewis David Harrison Matthew Holbruck  
1987 Dave Badrock Adrian Kershaw Jason Griffin Nic Freer  
1988 Dave Badrock Steve Smith Adam Bagley Craig Hurst  
1989 Adrian Kershaw Steve Jones Ben Griffiths Paul Atkinson  
1990 Jamie Lewis Adam Bagley David Green James Bowden  
1991 Kevin Simpson Ben Griffiths Paul Atkinson Darren Lewis  
1992 Adam Bagley Paul Atkinson James Bowden Ryan Hamilton  
1993 Adam Bagley Paul Atkinson Darren lewis George Firmin  
1994 Nick Freer James Bowden Ryan Hamilton George Firmin Daniel O'Hara
1995 James Bowden Darren Lewis Jonah Mastin George Firmin Paul King
1996 James Bowden Matt watkins Andrew Simpson Oliver Pickering Ben Lunn
1997 James Bowden Andrew Simpson John Freeman Paul King Robert Dalby
    Under 17 Under 15 Under 13 Under 11
1998 Darren Lewis Sanjay Raval John Freeman Ben Lunn David Saul
1999 Matt Watkins Andrew Simpson Oliver pickering Duncan Anderson David Saul
2000 Neal Raval John Freeman James Wright David Saul Michael Reed
2001 John Freeman Warren Oakes Duncan Anderson David Saul Irshad Ibrahim
2002 John Freeman James Wright Nick Loomes Simon King Joshua Peel
2003 James Wright Duncan Anderson Robbie Dalby Irshad Ibrahim Joshua Bernstein
2004 James Wright Nick Loomes Stephen Mars Josh Peel George Parker
2005 Nick Loomes Callum Fraser Ben Daniel Joe Martharu George Parker
2006 Nick Loomes Ben Daniel Jac Poncelat Sam Koelling George Parker
2007 Callum Fraser Jac Poncelat Joe Martharu George Parker Patrick Sadd
2008 Ben Daniels Jac Poncelat Luke Parker George Parker George Newitt
2009 Jac Poncelat Josh Taylor George Parker Patrick Sadd Simon Herbert
2010 Josh taylor Jack Turney George Parker Joe Sibley Simon Herbert
2011 Josh taylor George Parker Patrick sadd Oliver Morgan Simon Herbert
2012 Luke Parker Patrick Sadd Joe Sibley Simon Herbert Bradley Crane
2013 George Parker Patrick Sadd Simon Herbert  Umar Bhatti Daniel Rogers
2014 James Payne Fred Smith Simon Herbert Bradley Crane Billy Bowes
2015 Joe Sibley Simon Herbert Will Smith Anuj Savani Billy Bowes

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