Mens closed final positions

Tuesday 14th Wednesday 15th        
D Lewis (1) D Lewis (1)        
bye   Friday 17th      
    D Lewis (1)      
bye bye        
    Fri 8pm Saturday 18th    
N Mistry P Hart (w/o)        
P Hart T 6.30     D Lewis    
  Wed 6.30 G Sykes      
G Sykes (5/8) G Sykes (5/8)        
      Sat 4pm    
D New (5/8) D New (5/8)        
bye       Sunday 19th  
  Wed 6.30 D New       
bye     S Smith     
D Wood D Wood     D Lewis  
    Fri 6.30      
R Wyn R Wyn        
  Wed 7.15 S Smith       
S Smith (4) S Smith (4)       D Lewis
        Sun 4pm  
L Parker (3) L Parker (3)       Champion
  Wed 7.15 L Parker      
C Trafford          
JJ Herbert T 6.30 JJ Herbert         
    Fri 6.30   L Parker  
J Sibley Joe Sibley        
M Newitt T 7.15     L Parker    
  Wed 8pm O Wood       
O Wood (5/8) O Wood (5/8)        
      Sat 3.15pm    
N Marshall (5/8)

N Marshall (5/8)

  Wed 8pm N Marshall      
M Williams     J Wright    
A L-Smith T 7.15 Al L-Smith        
    Fri 7.15      
S Issa T 8pm Salman Issa         
D Willets          
  Wed 8.45 J Wright      
J Wright (2) J Wright (2)        

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