David Lloyd Narborough Junior Squash Open

Fixtures And Results

3rd-4th December 2011


Welcome to the David Lloyds Narborough Junior Squash Open home webpage. All matches to be played at David Lloyds Narborough. Click here for the event introduction. Please be on time as the schedule is packed and we have a lot of matches to get through. Good luck to all those taking part!

Boys Under 11
Girls Under 13
Boys Under 13
Girls Under 15
Boys Under 15
Girls Under 17
Boys Under 17
Boys Under 19

Boys Under 11

   Marcus Tranter   Thomas Lane  Michael Mellor  Total    Position  
 Marcus Tranter           
 Thomas Lane Sat 3rd 08:30        
Michael Mellor Sat 3rd 10:30 Sat 3rd 12:30      


   Sam Abbott   Oliver Hall  Alhassan Khalil   Total   Position
 Sam Abbott           
Oliver Hall Sat 3rd 08:30        
 Alhassan Khalil  Sat 3rd 10:30 Sat 3rd 12:30      


   Play-offs   Result    Final Position 
1st vs 1st       
Sun 4th 15:30      
2nd vs 2nd      
Sun 4th 15:00      
3rd vs 3rd      
Sun 4th 14:30      


Girls Under 13

Prelim Q Finals S Finals Final
  Sat 3rd 12:00
1 Katie Wells
Sat 3rd 08.30
Alicia Hall
Phoebe Badcock
  Sat 3rd 12.30
¾ Lucy Jo Green
Dionne Willis
  Sat 3rd 13:00
Elena Frankland
¾ Elizabeth Wall
  Sat 3rd 13:00
Libby Leivers
2 Anna Young



Boys Under 13

Round 1 Q Finals S Finals Final
Sat 3rd 09:00
1 Daniel Wells
Dominick Kearins
Sat 3rd 09:00
Kieran Mellor
Charlie Fraser 
Sat 3rd 09:00
¾ Luke Bywater
Odhran Imlah
Sat 3rd 09.30
Ivan Garrahan
Ben Clarke
Sat 3rd 09.30
Noah Wood
Umah Bhatti
Sat 3rd 09.30
Joseph Kinirons
¾ Henry Wall
Sat 3rd 10:00
Tristan Slaney
Ollie Morgan
Sat 3rd 10:00
Zak Myers
2 Simon Herbert


Girls Under 15

  Libby Corke  Leanne Herbert  Ayesha Bhatti  Olivia Gow  Total  Position 
 Libby Corke             
Leanne Herbert  Sun 4th 08:30          
Ayesha Bhatti Sun 4th 14:30 Sun 4th 11:30        
Olivia Gow Sun 4th 11:30 Sun 4th 14:30 Sun 4th 08:30      


Boys Under 15

Prelim Q Finals S Finals Final
Sat 3rd 11:00
1 Jack Dukes
Tom Willis
Sat 3rd 11:00
George Orton
Jack Crawford
Sat 3rd 11:00
¾ Joe Sibley
Andrew Featherstone
Sat 3rd 11.30
James Payne
Connor O’Dell
Sat 3rd 11.30
Daniel Young
George Newitt
Sat 3rd 11.30
Henry Walker
¾ Jack Cooper
Sat 3rd 12:00
Myles Hall
Kieran Heaphy
Sat 3rd 12:00
Daniel Edwards
2 Ryan Swadling


Girls Under 17

  Joanna Lord Leanne Herbert Chelsea Herbert Lauren Armstrong Total  Position
Joanna Lord            
Leanne Herbert Sat 3rd 10:00          
Chelsea Herbert Sat 3rd 14:30 Sat 3rd 18:00        
Lauren Armstrong Sat 3rd  18:00 Sat 3rd 14:30 Sat 3rd 10:30      


Boys Under 17

Prelim Q Finals S Finals Final
  Sun 4th 09:00
1 Adrian Barnes
Sat 3rd 18.30
Luke Brink
Oliver Wainwright
  Sun 4th 09:00
¾ Ewen Howard
Connor Feakin
  Sun 4th 09:00
Jake Shufflebotham
¾ Hayden Tetley
  Sun 4th 09.30
Oliver Slaney
2 George Willis

Boys Under 19

  Jack Follett Hallum Robson Timothy Arthur Total Position
Jack Follett          
Hallum Robson Sun 4th 12:30        
Timothy Arthur Sun 4th 09:30 Sat 3rd 18:30      


  Chris Abel Luke Parker Jack Lewandowski Total Position
Chris Abel          
Luke Parker Sun 4th 12:30        
Jack Lewandowski Sun 4th 09:30 Sat 3rd 18:30      


  Playoffs Results Final
1st vs 1st      
Sat 3rd 18:00      
2nd vs 2nd      
Sun 4th 17:00      
3rd vs 3rd      
Sun 4th 16:30      


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