Rules of the Men's League - 2015

1              The competition shall be managed by a General Committee consisting of a
                Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and one member from each club participating
                in the League.
                The Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary are to be elected annually by the club
                representatives. The General Committee shall meet once a year in August.
                An Executive Committee consisting of the Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary
                shall manage the day to day running of the League. The competition shall be
                open to any club in the Leicestershire area at the discretion of the Executive
                Committee. There shall be an annual fee, fixed at the A.G.M. due by 30th
                September every year.
2              At the discretion of the General Committee each club may enter one or more
                teams of players who shall play in order of merit and be members of that club.
                Clubs shall not be limited to the number of teams entered into the League, but
                not more two teams from one club may play in Division 1, with no restriction
                applying to other Divisions. It is recommended that clubs be affiliated to ESR.
3              All divisions to be decided by the E.C. using as guidelines that all divisions
                consist of equal numbers of teams, and promotion/relegation shall be on a 2 up
                and 2 down wherever possible.
4 (a)       No person may represent more than 1 club during a season except by
                permission of the E.C.
(b)          An order of merit shall be posted online into the Leicestershire Squash Website
                before the Club's 1st match.
                This order of merit must contain the players name, a contact email address and
                their age at 1st October 2015.
                Any club trying to play a match without posting the complete order of merit will
                forfeit the match.
(c)           The E.C. shall review all orders of merit and shall have the power to alter any
                player's position or exclude any player who is not in a justifiable position.
(d)          Only players on their order of merit may play for the club during the season,
                subject to Rule 4 F & I. The order of merit may contain up to 50 name's.
(e)          No player may play below his place in the order of merit for any reason other
                than allowed for in Rule 4 F
(f)           If a new player is added to the list, they must abide by the 3 game rule or the
                team will be fined 25 league points.
(g)          Any team playing a player below his merit position will be deemed to have lost
                all matches from that player down. The result will be adjusted accordingly.
(h)          No player may play more than 22 matches in a season.
(i)            If a club wishes to alter the order of merit for the second half of the season, the
                new order must be posted online to the Leicestershire League Squash Website
                before the 1st match of the second half. Any new players must include their
                email address and age as at 1st October for the previous year.
(j)           Any player on the order of merit in a team position who does not play at least 3
                matches before 31st December in the 1st half of the season will be removed
                from that club's order of merit and shall not be allowed to play for any club during
                the 2nd half of the season. The only exceptions to the above will be at the sole
                discretion of the E.C.
                N.B. a team position is as follows
                For a one club team    numbers 1 to 5
                For a two club team    numbers 1 to 10
                For a three club team  numbers 1 to 15
(l)            Any club introducing a player into the order of merit at the halfway point of the
                season into a team position will be fined 25 league points if that player does not
                complete 3 matches for the club, and the E.C. does not consider that discretion
                should be used for valid absence. The team to be fined will be the one where the
                players position places him in the order of merit.
5(a)        Each team shall play two matches, one at home and one away, against each
                other team in that division. Teams shall score 1 point for each game won in each
                match, and the winning team shall score 5 extra points.
                Both sides in a match must have not less than 3 members of their side at the
                venue at the time of the scheduled start. The other 2 members must also be in
                attendance within 30 minutes of the scheduled start.
                In the event of a team not fulfilling a fixture the result will be that the team not
                playing will be fined 15 league points, with the "winning" team receiving 20 points.
                Any team wishing to change its' HOME night after the fixtures have been issued
                is required to advise ALL opponents to confirm the alteration.
(b)          Division 1 shall have a fixed home night of Tuesday. All teams must make every
                effort to abide by this rule. Any team that cannot play on this night must have its
                night approved at the A.G.M. and could result in non-promotion if no compromise
                can be reached.
(c)           The start time for weekday matches shall not be before 7-00 p.m.
                N.B. The start time is the start time NOT the arrival time. Teams not there ready
                to start could forfeit outstanding games if court time runs out.
(d)          In Division 1 the scoring shall be PAR 11 instead of traditional hand in/hand out.
6              At the end of the season the club scoring most points shall be the winners of
                each Division. In the event of a tie the side with the most number of matches
                won shall succeed. If the teams are still equal they shall play off at a time and
                place to be decided by the E.C..
7              The winners of Division 1 shall hold the Leicestershire League Trophy for 1 year.
                The trophy may not be won outright and shall remain the property of
                Leicestershire League.
8              All matches will be played on the dates arranged by the E.C. The only
                exceptions being those matches altered BEFORE the season starts for the 1st
                half and during the WINTER recess for the 2nd half season and advised as such
                to the League Secretary, or during the season for the following reasons:-
(a)          A strike, which affects the playing of the game. E.G. water or electricity.
(b)          Extreme weather conditions.
(c)           Any reason deemed acceptable to the E.C.. E.G. club burnt down - conflict with
                a National Competition for 3 or more regular players.
                But NOT - illness - weddings - non availability of usual players - holidays etc.
9              Both teams are required to input the result into the Leicestershire League
                Website with 48 hours of the match date.
10           All member clubs MUST have one person representing them at the A.G.M.,
                unless prior absence has been agreed by the E.C.. Failure to comply will result in
                a fine on the club, the amount to be decided by the E.C.
11           Rules of play shall be those of the ESR. An ESR approved ball shall be used.
12           Any disputes must be submitted in writing to the League Secretary with 14 days
                and the decision of the E.C. shall be final.
13           No recording of matches shall take place without the permission of both players
                involved in the match.
14           Each club must submit the name, address, phone number and email address of
                the Club Secretary by 1st September each year to the League Secretary
                The same information for ALL team captains must be advised at least 1 week
                before the start of the season.
                This information must be kept up to date.
15           Any team before the season starts may alter a fixture without penalty either
                financial or league points. Likewise in the mid season break a team may alter a
                2nd half fixture without incurring a penalty. After these dates any team not
                attending a fixture WILL be fined 15 league points. Subject to Rule 8 any team
                failing to give 7 days notice of its intention not to complete a fixture, will be liable
                for cost's incurred by the home team. Any such claim to be made through the
                E.C. Any club which refuses to pay these costs will be suspended.
16           The "Critchlow Fellowship Cup" shall be presented annually to the individual
                team deemed the most sociable during the season. The cup shall be presented
                at the  A.G.M. and shall be held for 1 year. The away team shall record a mark
                out of 10 for each of its opponents on the computorised score card.
                The score should reflect the good fellowship enjoyed on the evening.
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