County / League AGM Minutes 2018

Leicestershire Squash League.
Minutes of the Forty-fourth Annual General Meeting
Held on Monday 13th August 2018 at Leicester Squash Club 189 London Road.
Present :- R.Clements (Chairman), G.Hill (Treasurer), D.New (Administrator),
M.Blasdale (Secretary) and 24 representatives from 16 member clubs.
Apologies :- De Montfort University and Loughborough Students
Matters Arising :- None
Report - Chairman - Robin Clements
This last year Leicestershire Squash has lost Derek Foster (Leicester Squash),
Brian Wise (Leicester & Hermitage) John Machin (Leicester Road Hinckley and
Hinckley Squash) and Richard (Dickie) Dilkes (Squash Leicester).
The Chairman asked the meeting to observe a minutes silence in their memory,
which was duly observed.
Robin then thanked the County Committee for all their work during the year and
outlined the tasks they performed. Simon Rolington for Juniors and Coaching, Alex
Cummings for Media Information, Rachel Calver as Ladies Team manager, Ollie
Wood for running the County Competitions, Dave New as our I.T. Leader, Gary Hill
for being Treasurer and Mike Blasdale as Secretary.
There was a plea for more people to entry the County Competitions. New courts
were appearing in the county and generally Leicestershire Squash was in good
shape operating with few difficulties.
We had still made no progress in getting the Ladies to join into the main committee.
Report - Treasurer - Gary Hill
Gary had issued the accounts prior to the meeting for each of the League, County
and Juniors.
He gave a detailed breakdown of income and expenditure for each area.
He had 2 recommendations for the coming season, to hold the team fee at £40 per
team and to donate £500 to the County to balance the books.
The healthy looking position had to be maintained for expected detrimental income 
in the game nationally. The Juniors had made a slight loss due to a reduced cost for
their coaching, which we had budgeted for. As yet the 2nd rebate had not been
received from England Squash but Gary thought this was due imminently and would
be in the region of £500. County expenditure was down as fewer home inter county
matches had been played. The meeting asked few questions and the accounts were
proposed by Heath Jennings and seconded by Rachel Calver, and agreed
Report - I.T. Administrator - Dave New
Dave thanked  the meeting for the way the new online system had been
implemented. There were few teething troubles and only 3 or 4 errors had been
This year's Order of Merit lists would be unlocked in a couple of weeks.
He had no plans for any operating chances for the coming season.
Report - Competitions Manager - Ollie Wood
Ollie had good news and bad news to report.
He thanked the players who had entered the competitions and offered
congratulations to Luke Parker and Rachel Calver on winning the County
The decision to have a centralised finals night had worked well and he also thanked
Leicester Squash Club for allowing their courts to be used.
The bad news was that participation had dwindled which is very disappointing.
The age group over 35's and 45's had just been released and it was hoped entries
would increase. These 2 competitions to be played in September at The Tennis Club
and David Lloyd respectively. The over 55's and 60's will be played in December at
Leicester Road Hinckley.
The Tennis Club's new court is scheduled to be ready in early September and the
final will be played on the new court. It is hoped that Dec James and Daryl Selby will
play an exhibition match to officially open the court on that day.
The Chairman gave a rundown on Rachel's achievements , which included Sept 17
Over 40's European runner. In 2018 Over 45's Worlds Masters 4th spot, Over 40's
British Open Runner Up and Over 40's British Closed, the winner. The meeting
applauded Rachel for these achievements/
Report - Secretary - Mike Blasdale
There were no disciplinary problems during the last season.
Only 1 game was completed with the team in the wrong order.
If you are aware that your team will not be stopping for food, please advise the
home team 2 days before so they don't waste money unnecessarily.
Similarly if anyone in your team has special dietary requirements you must give
adequate notice to the home team.
David Lloyd have asked for dispensation to relax the "no start before 7-00p.m. rule."
The reason being that the Operations manager has altered the hours for the kitchen.
If you can be ready to play at 6-30 they can still provide food and drinks, otherwise
it cannot be guaranteed. The League can do nothing about this decision.
The relationship between the majority of Counties (CAN) and England Squash.
continues to deteriorate. The Executive terrified the counties into backing the new
Articles of Association and in doing so handed even more power to the mainly
appointed Board Members. The upshot being that even less notice is being taken of
County desires in relation to grass roots squash. Nationally the sport is in disarray.
The grant being received by E.S. from Sport England is declining as lottery proceeds
reduce. It is anticipated that in 5 years time Squash will receive no money from S.E.
as it concentrates on major sports and medal winners.
Then E.S. will only have the income it self generates. This will almost all come from
the Counties.
This will increase the cost of squash for most players as they support an ineffectual
NGB. CAN is trying hard to get these points over the  National Executive and
Board but they are not listening and continue to move on their on sweet way.
It is becoming clear that squash may well face a split in the sport over the next few
A group of players from Leicester Squash are holding a friendly charity day on 30th
September to try and raise money for a Cancer Charity. This is because John Batty
is terminally ill. John was an enthusiastic player at Leicester Squash and before that
at Squash Leicester. Invitations will be sent out to Club Secretaries.
Mike reported that pre-season we had lost Sport In Desford due to illness and
pending operations which had decimated their small squad of players. A sad loss
as they had spend a lot of money upgrading their courts and facilities.
Rules of the League :-
The Committee wishes to restore the 3 game rule. Last season some match results
were distorted by "occasional" players being introduced into teams.
Market Harborough propose Divisions 2 and 3 move the scoring to PAR 11 as in 
Division 1. And that Divisions 4 & 5 move to PAR 15.
Discussion was had on these two proposals and the subsequent voting was:-
The 3 game rule would be reintroduced with the exception it would be 2 games.
The Par scoring system split the meeting but was nevertheless carried as follows.
Divisions 2 and 3 would be as Division 1. PAR scoring to 11 points.
Divisions 4 and 5 would be PAR scoring to 15 points.
Presentation's :
This year Robin Clements, our Chairmen made the trophy presentation.
The winning teams for the season just ended were as follows
Winter League 2017/2018
Division 1 - Hinckley Squash
Division 2 - Leicester Squash 2
Division 3 - Leicester Squash 3
Division 4 - Abbey
Division 5 - Hinckley Squash 5
Critchlow Fellowship Cup
Division 1 - Hinckley Squash  9.38
Division 2 - Market Harborough 2  8.88
Division 3 - Hinckley Squash 4  8.50
Division 4 - Leicester Road Hinckley 8.67
Division 5 - Leicester Squash 5  9.00
Overall Winner - Hinckley Squash  9.38
The Handicap Cup  Winners - Charnwood. Runners Up - Mike's Marvels
The Robin Clements Cup for the most improved junior player in the league once
more showed some great young talent playing the game.
This year it came down to a choice between Jess Morgan and JJ Herbert.
Another close call between these 2 players but this years winner is JJ Herbert.
Handicap Knockout Cup
Fabulous turn out this year with 20 teams taking part. Well done everyone a very
creditable competition.
Again the entry forms have been distributed at the A.G.M.
Each club is asked to enter at least 1 team.
We shall again use the Squash Levels handicap system so each match will have its
own handicap and better reflect the relative merits of each player.
League Structure.
Leagues for next season had been prepared and sent to every club prior to the
Annual General Meeting.
Last season we finished up with 49 teams.
This season we have 51 teams entered. Division 5 will contain 11 teams.
This involves some very difficult fixture arranging, when taken in conjunction with the
term times for the University's and the UAU national allocated sports day of
Wednesday. You may not like the way the fixtures have been constructed but it is the
best I can manage and allow all to play in the leagues.
The preliminary fixtures will be sent out later this week, with the agreed fixtures not
later than 30th August.
Please note that some days for your fixtures have been altered and shaded in yellow.
Also dates are not necessarily in strict chronological order. Again major alterations
are shaded in yellow.
Please confirm that these alterations are acceptable to you as urgently as you can.
If you need to change one of these alterations please make sure the new date does
not clash with existing fixtures IN ANY division.
Election of Officers:-
The 4 existing committee members offer themselves for re-election and as no other
persons had been proposed they were re-elected for another year.
Robin Clements has now served for 13 years, Gary Hill for 15 years, Dave New for
4 years and Mike Blasdale for 37 years.
Steve Avil offered a vote of thanks to the Committee.
Simon Rolington asked for the County Honours Boards to be removed from storage
and erected. The Secretary will look into the matter
There being no further business the meeting closed at 8-45p.m.

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